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International Academy of Medical Reflexology Student Handbook
"This academy enforces a serious disciplined approach projecting a high caliber of abilities, skills, and ethics that the public deserves."

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Send your email - Click here and continue to send your inquiries for a professional career to learn reflexology then telephone promptly to Ph: 267-424-4549. In addition, yes, the International Academy's official diploma clock hours are valid nationwide - verify through your local business license entity.

Please email the Medical Reflexology Complementary Health Center for your own personal appointment with a Medical Reflexologist. Call now to schedule an appointment for improved health through Medical Reflexology. Call Ph: 267-424-4549

  • SCHEDULE - July 11th, 2016 - July 15th, 2016 (there are no vacation days or holidays in these five days) - (50 instructional hours with Licensed Instructor) call right now to Admissions for the student friendly enrollment - Ph: 267-424-4549
  • SCHEDULE - October 17th - 21st, 2016 (there are no vacation days or holidays in these five days) (Excluding Sunday September 29th, 2013) (50 instructional hours with Licensed Instructor) call right now to Admissions for the student friendly enrollment - Ph: 267-424-4549

Yes, you have the option to enroll via a Professional Proctor in your area, the clinic hours can be completed during regular clinic hours (IAMR's continuing education, preparation homework, research and patient screening, field trips), please call for a full explanation for this important student friendly offer.

The policy of our Career Academy, you need only ten (10) completed personal case studies required for graduation, this is an added advantage to students that are enrolled in our fine academy.

Please remember, we are very student mindful and friendly, and we genuinely thank you for taking the Post-Secondary status of this licensed school seriously, remember, we are NOT an Avocational Leisure Course or Workshop, this school HAS a Vocational Career DOE licensed program, and that is what makes all the difference as to which school you apply to via your strict research of Medical Reflexology schools!


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DAYS HOTEL Address: 3400 Airport Road, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18109 - Ph: 610-266-1000 (call the IAMR - 267-424-4549) to Receive Corporate Lodging Consultants (CLC) phone number for hugh lodging discount via Professor Lorraina Telepo)
(The DAY HOTEL is directly across from the Lehigh Valley Airport - DAYS HOTEL also provides shuttle service to and from the airport, plus, areas within five miles during your stay - inquire with the DAYS HOTEL)

The International Academy of Medical Reflexology is very pleased to announce we are included with the Educational Directories, Inc - http://www.ediusa.com , please find our fine academy at this website within the advanced search bar under HEALTH PROFESSIONS AND RELATED PROGRAMS and/or EDUCATION. Please note that for over 100 years, educators have relied on Patterson's Publications as THE guide in licensed and post-secondary schools in the United States.

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Case studies of Medical Reflexology provided by the International Academy of Medical Reflexology
In this clip, real people from all walks of life discuss their incredibly positive experiences with the Medical Reflexology provided by Professor Lorraina J. Telepo, MRP, founder of the International Academy of Medical Reflexology, a Postsecondary Academy licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools. This licensed Academy reports to the United States Department of Education and the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools under the Classification of Instructional Code (CIP) 51.9999 – Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, Other.

This is a clip from the “Golden Hands of Medical Reflexology” DVD. To purchase the entire DVD, which has additional sessions as well as vital education regarding a medical reflexology, visit: http://www.reflexologymedical.com

To purchase the Telepo Original Medical Reflexology Chart, one of the most detailed and accurate Medical Reflexology charts available, visit: http://www.reflexologymedical.com/telorrefarfo.html

For more information about the International Academy of Medical Reflexology, located in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, visit http://www.reflexology.net

We are very proud to display the following image, the Gold Seal of Distinction, an Honor Recognition from Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society. Please click on the image below to view it in greater detail.

The International Academy of Medical Reflexology's Patented Definition for Medical Reflexology is (c) LEARN REFLEXOLOGY: MEDICAL REFLEXOLOGY IS a complementary, biological, integrative, blended health science, THROUGH WHICH an exercise pressure is applied to reflex areas, FORMED BY 7,200 nerve endings in each hand and foot, ENCOURAGING IMPROVED INSTRUCTION to each and every specific organ, gland, and part of the body, THUS PERSUADING the body to biologically correct, strengthen, and reinforce itself, to reach balance, normalization, and homeostasis.

Public awareness announcement: Individuals and organizations are assisted in identifying properly recognized licensed and accrediting agencies and properly authorized postsecondary institutions. The US DOE reviews the operation of accrediting agencies.There is a difference between "Authorized Degree Granting Institutions" and unapproved and unauthorized organizations that in essence "sell" degrees, providing little or no quality education, are often referred to as "degree mills". I encourage you to read Degree Mills, the Billion -Dollar Industry That Has Sold Over a Million Fake Diplomas by Allen Ezell and John Bear. However, we cannot attest to the accuracy of this books information. The information in this memorandum from the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools should augment your own independent investigation, or, if necessary, advice of legal counsel, when assessing credentials of existing and future faculty, administrators and other employees. To quote the letter received, "We need to address this problem diligently to maintain quality and rigor in our schools, and to ensure trust and confidence in our education programs as preparation for the future citizens and employees of the Commonwealth.

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MEDICAL REFLEXOLOGY - The International Academy of Medical Reflexology - is an "Approved" Program Profile - Medical Reflexology - licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools and reporting under the Career Code CIP (Classification Instructional Program) 51.9999 - Health Profession and Related Clinical Sciences, Other - see student Handbook for details and Official Codes and MEDICAL SERVICES REFLEXOLOGY.


HARRISBURG, PA 17126-0333
15, 2009

Ms. Lorraina Telepo
International Academy of Medical Reflexology
304 Ninth Street
West Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Dear Ms. Telepo:

This letter is to inform you that I have received your 14, 2008 letter requesting that the primary name of your school be changed to International Academy of Medical Reflexology, effective immediately. This change will be made in the Private Licensed Schools database. You will also receive a new school license with this name in the near future. If you have any questions, please contact me.

John Galganovicz
John P. Galganovicz, Board Administrator
Division of Private Licensed School

The new Official Licensed Program Approved name is Medical Reflexology per the permission of the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools

Photo Number 18

Once you have paid your tuition and have graduated from a school, can you place trust in the piece of paper you have been awarded to be recognized where you want to practice - The International Academy of Medical Reflexology has an approved "DIPLOMA" validating our approved clock hours are applicable nationwide!

MEDICAL SERVICES REFLEXOLOGY - Click here for Official Government Codes.

Photo Number 30

The licensed Program gives you the privilege, the Official Codes give you your permissions and restrictions, same as a driver's license gives you your privilege to drive, and the Official Codes on the back of your driver's license gives you your permissions and restrictions, be grateful to affiliate with our fine academy with all of the Official Govenrment Codes. Professor Telepo has strived to reach this level of Gold Standard competency for the "Gold Standards" for our Academy and Occupation, profession and mutual career's. Medical Reflexologists, no one should settle for less than the most official and career oriented you can attain. In addition, remember, our fine academy is a member in good standing of PAPSA, Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrator's.

Medical Reflexology offers you this outstanding overall health enhancement program, working toward re-educating, re-patterning, and re-conditioning the nerves through the neural/electrical system of the body. The essential job description of the nerves is to instruct the body; when the nerves improve, the instruction must improve, as a result, the body must improve.

The Medical Reflexologists goal is to aid patients to improved health, promote overall health enhancement, respect preventative lifestyle health care, as well as practice for restorative therapy. Apply now to become a skilled, qualified Medical Reflexologist graduating under medical services. The IAAR academy is a licensed Program, resulting as a Post-Secondary status.

Therefore, please DO NOT confuse our program taught as a "MERE" Workshop, with the end results all you have earned is a "Certificate of Attendance", not a true "Certification", check all certification claims with your own state's Department of Education.

A Research question for you, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR REASONS FOR WANTING TO ENROLL IN THIS MEDICAL REFLEXOLOGY ACADEMY, LICENSED, POST-SECONDARY PROGRAM? Respectfully your answer will be the "Recognized" Official Diploma with the Official Government Codes (see Student Handbook for Codes) upon graduation, you only receive in this world what you pay for and the contract enrollment agreement that you sign, we are not a nametag only school?

It is strongly advised upon researching all schools that you ask if the school is a Post-Secondary School with a licensed Medical Reflexology Program, request written PROGRAM PROFILE verification, or does the school just teach as a Workshop (granting you a certificate of Attendance at the workshop) only status.

Photo Number 25

There is a great official difference amongst an independent, non-approved, self-standing workshop (attendance certificate only), course, or seminar, in retrospect, to your selecting a government licensed, Approved Career Program, learn reflexology and learn the difference, call with questions, do your homework well. In addition, only hours with the instructor can be ligitimate tuition charged clock hours, homework hours (NO INSTRUCTOR IN ATTENDANCE) are not considered clock hours with the Department of Education. A true certification is when you graduate from an Accredited School and pass an approved certification test, but, first the school must be a licensed Post-Secondary School.

Please consider strongly attending our academy that sets its career goals for you as "Gold Standard", in retrospect, not a mere workshop standard. MEDICAL SERVICES REFLEXOLOGY - Click here for Official Government Codes.

International Academy of Medical Reflexology
Professor Lorraina J. Telepo, MRP
1701 Union Boulevard
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18109

Send e-mail to postsecondary@reflexology.net with questions or comments.
Or call Ph: 267-424-4549.
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